Python and Django Tutorials Building Websites

  • 2016-10-09
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Python and Django Tutorials Building Websites

Do you have Python experience and want to get into web development? Or maybe you are experienced in web development and curious about other platforms. Either way, this course has answers, demos, and practical tips for you, as you add another tool to your technology tool belt.

Watch the always-entertaining expert team of Christopher Harrison and Susan Ibach, and walk through the most popular (and very powerful) open source web development platform for Python, Django. See how to get started with Django in Visual Studio, how to create dynamic, data-driven applications, and how to deploy the application to Microsoft Azure. Explore the object-relationship mapping (ORM) system provided in Django, and learn how to ensure that your page is discoverable to search engines. Plus, follow along with Susan and Christopher as they build a website from scratch.
1 | Introducing Django
Explore the basics of Django, and walk through a sample app to build in the course.
2 | Building Models
Look at the syntax of creating classes, creating relationships, and controlling what the underlying tables look like in the database. Django has a built-in ORM, so you are creating the database, too.
​3 | Querying Models and Managing Migrations
Building on the previous modules, find out how to create and query objects through the Django ORM. Investigate how to update the database as the model changes.
​4 | URLs and Routing
Check out how to manage, accept, and route user requests. See how the routing rules work in Django, how to create vanity URLs, and how to pass parameters into views.
5 | Layouts and Forms
Find out how to display data and how to accept input from the user. Take advantage of the Django forms capabilities to automate the creation of forms and to validate user input.
6 | Deploying your application
See how to deploy to Azure, including creation of a MySQL database. Explore next steps and where to go from here.
Resources and next steps
Curious about where to go next? We’ve got you covered!

Build websites using Django.
Examine routing and URLs in Django.
Create forms using Django.
Deploy Django websites to Azure.
Create models for use in Django.

Python experience is helpful but not required. A background in web development is also helpful.


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