ASP .NET 5 Tutorial

  • 2016-10-05
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ASP .NET 5 Tutorial

Ready to jump in with ASP.NET and MVC? Hear from ASP.NET star Scott Hanselman and a stellar crew, as you create your first application. Find out how to get started with Visual Studio, how to obtain the necessary bits to start creating an ASP.NET application, and how everything is put together.

In this demo-packed beginning class, the first in a series, learn about modeling your data, managing user requests, and connecting to a back-end database. Gain a solid foundation from which to build your ASP.NET knowledge and skills, and get started creating your own apps. Follow up this course with a look at ASP.NET in the Real World.
1 | Introducing ASP.NET 5
Hear Scott Hunter, Principal Director - Program Management, and Scott Hanselman explain the basics of ASP.NET 5, where to find resources, and how to keep up with the changes.
2 | Introduction to Visual Studio
Examine Visual Studio 2015, and learn how to create your first application.
3 | Introducing Model View Controller (MVC)
Explore the basic concepts that make up the Model/View/Controller (MVC) pattern, and see how to use MVC 6 in ASP.NET.
4 | Getting Started with Models, Views, and Controllers
Get an introduction to creating an application using MVC.
5 | Debugging Web Applications
Explore how to debug your application using Visual Studio and browser tools.
6 | Configuration Data
Learn how to store and manage configuration data in ASP.NET.
7 | Publishing Your Application
Explore how to publish your application to Microsoft Azure.
8 | Using Data with Entity Framework
Find out how to use database data with the Entity Framework.
9 | Exploring
In the first of three modules, hear Damian Edwards explain how works for the user, and learn about how the application was built on the back end.
10 | Managing Data on
Learn how you can use APIs to access remote data and how to use data stored on Azure Storage.
11 | Advanced Features in
Explore some of the additional functionality provided by ASP.NET 5 that was used to create, including calendar support and tag helpers.
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