Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners

  • 2016-10-18
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Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners

Do you want the web apps you create to closely simulate desktop applications? Angular 2.0 can help you do just that, to provide a better experience for the user and improve the overall app performance. Angular 2.0, a complete rewrite of the original version, is a framework designed to simplify the creation of single page applications (SPAs), which allow users to interact with a page without having to refresh the entire browser screen.

Learn about Angular 2.0 and TypeScript, the most common language used to create Angular applications, from experts at Microsoft and Coding Dojo. Get an overview of Angular and an introduction to TypeScript. Then, take a look at the building blocks of Angular 2.0 and see how to connect them. Wrap up the course with an exploration of additional resources to further your Angular and TypeScript training.
1 | Introduction to Angular 2.0
Get started with Angular 2.0 by taking a look at which problems Angular solves and what a single page application (SPA) looks like.
2 | Introduction to TypeScript
Get an intro to TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, which is the most common language used to create Angular applications. In fact, Angular 2.0 itself is written using TypeScript.
3 | Angular 2.0 at a High Level
Before digging into Angular 2.0 and creating applications, get an overview of the various moving parts of an Angular application.
4 | Building Blocks of Angular 2.0
In this core module, focus on all of the major building blocks of Angular 2.0. See how to use the tools provided by Angular 2.0 to create applications.
5 | Connecting the Blocks
After exploring the various building blocks available with Angular 2.0, find out how to connect them to create an application.
6 | Build Process: Creating a ToDo App
Wrap up the exploration of Angular 2.0 with an examination of a ToDo (task management) app.
7 | Review and Next Steps
Get additional resources, now that you’re ready to start building Angular applications.
8 | Resources
Get links to Visual Studio Code and to Angular 2.0 and Typescript on GitHub.

Get an overview of Angular 2.0.
Get an introduction to TypeScript.
Take a look at the big picture.
Explore the building blocks of Angular 2.0.
Learn to connect the blocks.
Get the details on the build process.
Review the course, and explore other resources.



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