SQL Tutorials: Boost Your T-SQL with the APPLY Operator

  • 2016-11-27
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SQL Tutorials: Boost Your T-SQL with the APPLY Operator

Need creative solutions to T-SQL issues? Get them from Itzik Ben-Gan, one of the world’s foremost authorities, along with Microsoft Program Manager Umachandar Jayachandran. These experts demonstrate the APPLY operator, a T-SQL feature that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. What’s especially interesting about APPLY is how it can be used in conjunction with many T-SQL features. To demonstrate this aspect of APPLY, the session tracks the operator through time, discussing features that were initially introduced in different versions of SQL Server (7.0, like TOP, through 2012, like OFFSET-FETCH), some of which are widely used today. For each feature, the session describes its shortcomings and then shows how to use APPLY to overcome it and to improve the feature.

All demonstrations are performed on SQL Server 2014.

Instructors | Itzik Ben-Gan - SolidQ T-SQL Trainer; Umachandar Jayachandran - Microsoft Program Manager
​APPLY, Described
This module describes the APPLY operator, compares it with joins, and covers three different modes of using it. The module lays the foundation for the second part of the course, which covers creative ways to use the APPLY operator to improve various T-SQL features.
APPLY Boosts Various T-SQL Features

​This module walks through T-SQL features that were introduced in various versions of SQL Server, some of which are in wide use today, and demonstrates how to use the APPLY operator to better them.

Demonstrate the APPLY operator.



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